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Bocce (raffa) "Moskovskiy shar" tournament

XXI Open Moscow tournament bocce (raffa) «Moskovskiy shar» will be held 20 - 24 august 2012 in Moscow.

The tournament is open to all comers. Tournament «Moskovskiy shar» include single, double and triple games.

For foreign participants Sportclub “Parsec” can organize: a transfer in/to airport, hotel booking/reservation (the hotel “Sevastopol” or other) and meals (dinner) for all tournament days (in sportclub "Start").

The participating players must provide information about themselves (name, surname, date of birth, country, city, club, playing category/level).

All participating players are responsible themselves for preparing insurance to cover illness or injury during travelling to and from tournament, and during the event itself.


20 August Monday
  • 18.00 DOUBLE. WOMEN (Final)
  • 18.00 DOUBLE. MEN (Final)
21 August Tuesday
  • 16.00 SINGLES. JUNIORS (Final)
  • 16.00 SINGLES. JUNIORS (Final)
  • 18.00 SINGLES. WOMEN (qualification)
  • 18.00 SINGLES. MEN (qualification)
22 August Wednesday
  • 18.00 SINGLES. MEN (Final)
  • 18.00 SINGLES. WOMEN (Final)
23 August Thursday
  • 18.00 SINGLES. WOMEN (residual games)
  • 18.00 SINGLES. MEN (residual games)
24 August Friday
  • 18.00 TRIPLE (Final)

Technical information

Trainings and reception of preliminary nominal applications in club "Parsec" to the address: street. Vvedenskogo, 1, travel: m. Kalugskaja, further by buses 28, 41, 163, 224, 624, 699 up to a stop "Street Vvedenskogo". Phone/fax: 8-495-330-67-10, info@bocce.msk.ru.

Reception of applications for tournaments juniors (men, women), double, triple comes finishes 6 hours prior to the beginning of a kind. Crop and a toss-up perform 4 hours prior to the beginning of a kind.

Reception of applications for tournaments of SINGLES of WOMEN and SINGLES of MEN finishes 24 hours prior to the beginning of a kind. Toss-up will be carried 4 hours prior to the beginning of a kind.

Qualifying groups and tables of tournament in different nominations are made in view of results of tournament «Moskovskiy Shar 2011», for members of a national team of Russia in view of the current annual rating of Federation of game bocce, for foreign sportsmen - in view of their level.

Duration of game day from 18 o'clock till 23 o'clock.

To the players who will be late to the beginning of the event, defeat can be written since 19.15.

Single games in subgroups and games for places are lower than the eighth are played up to 5 or 7 points. At the following stages - up to 7 or 9 points. All by decision of referees before the games starts.

Double games are played up to 7 or 9 points (under decision of referees).

Triple games are played up to 9 or 12 points (under decision of referees).

Recommended loading on each participant - up to 5 games per day.

The judiciary board reserves the right to itself to make changes to the Rules of tournament.

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